Hong Kong to London

I flew from Hong Kong to London last Thursday with Oasis. The flight was very pleasant indeed. We left Hong Kong’s wonderful airport, with free wifi throughout, around 1am, and landed early in London about 6:30am. The flight was about 13 hours, so you get a chance to sleep while arriving early in the morning. It’s pretty painless.

The airline itself was very impressive for a budget carrier. The flight cost £105. They served a light evening meal before turning off the cabin lights and a light breakfast shortly before we arrived in London. I hadn’t expected any food at all.  Additional refreshments were available, and seemed reasonably priced. A can of beer was £2, most snacks were £1.

Overall, I was impressed, I’d definitely fly with Oasis again. Now they also fly to Vancouver from Hong Kong.

One thought on “Hong Kong to London”

  1. When where how? Why you coming back to the dreich weather and moany people?
    Look forward to catching up mate!

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