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I installed Scuttle a few weeks ago to take my bookmarks online. I logged in for the first time in ages and discovered I’ve been spammed. I’ve had hundreds of user registrations and a bunch of links submitted. After a little database cleansing the spam has now been removed and the registration closed. No more Scuttle spam I say.

10 thoughts on “Scuttle Spam”

    1. I deleted the registration PHP file, or maybe renamed it. I couldn’t see any options to disable it via a setting so I killed that file and the spam disappeared. 🙂

    1. Wow, it was such a long time ago I don’t remember what I did now. There’s probably a way to delete it all automatically. I’m the only user on my install, so maybe something like delete all bookmarks where user id > 1.

    1. I’m still using scuttle here. I ripped out the signup files and that killed the spam. I see there was new code released in March, I’ll check it out at some point and consider upgrading. I had offered to take over the scuttle project a couple of years back, but no response from the author. It seems somebody’s active now which is good news. 🙂

  1. Right click and “scuttle this page” gives you a popup and the ability to tag, label and set to private/ public, I guess its all the same

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