Fighting Bank Charges

Thanks to James for introducing me to the Govan Law Centre and their Unfair UK Bank Charges information. I’ve taken up the fight. I’m writing to Smile demanding the refund of £430 of charges and to Bank of Scotland demanding the refund of £110 of charges.

If they are unwilling to refund my charges I plan to take them to court in 14 days. This is war. It’s on. Bring it…

Note: I have not provided links to the aforementioned banks websites because I believe those banks suck and I do not wish to offer them any sort of web-recognition!

2 thoughts on “Fighting Bank Charges”

  1. Hi. Good luck! Got the remaining £200 back this week. Their reply is heavy now – they mention they have the right to close my account and demand repayment of the OD in 30 days (much heavier than the previous times I’ve got money back before). JC.

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