Treo 680

treo 680I’m delighted to announce that my brand new Treo 680 arrived today. Much sooner than anticipated. After much eBay research and repeated furious bidding, I finally managed to steal a bargain on a brand new Treo 680 at £130.17 on Friday night.

I debated at some length whether to pay an extra £2 for express delivery. I opted to chose patience instead. Then I watched DHL’s track and trace system with delight as I followed the path of my new gadget from Dublin to Edinburgh in only two days. Wonderful!

It’s working like a charm. One or two sync issues with Fedora 7, but more on that to follow… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Treo 680”

  1. I did get it to sync with Evolution on Fedora 7, but the calendar sync won’t work. There’s an underlying issue to do with timezone support in Evolution. I forget the exact details. Now that I’ve upgraded to Fedora 8 I’ll need to try again I guess.

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