Is the traditional relational database dead?

Just read a fascinating paper on relational databases. Aside from being filled with TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) the paper was pretty accessible to the non-expert (me) and thought provoking for anyone interested in the field of databases, scalability, technology evolution, and so on. I’ve read a few interesting articles on High Scalability recently.

2 thoughts on “Is the traditional relational database dead?”

  1. I hardly think so – look at how well the Open Source databases (mySQL, Postresql) and Closed Source databases (Oracle and Microsoft) are doing.

    However – there are definitely applications where a different approach is a better fit – take a look at the data model used in Google App Engine – BigTable.

    my 2c

  2. This is an old post, but if I remember correctly, the article was proposing that relational databases are losing favour in large scale applications. Sure, the relational databases are still popular, but they’re being increasingly used in new ways (sharded data for example) and new systems are being created for specific applications. The one-size-fits all relational database is no longer the power house it once was. 🙂

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