Canadian Cell Phones

I was expecting to arrive in a communication nirvana. Dirt cheap, ubiquitous wireless access of all sorts. I figured they’d be giving away data cards and other wireless devices by the roadside. “Welcome to wireless utopia”.

I was sadly disappointed.

You pay to receive calls on your cell phone (mobile), long distance calling (outside the immediate area) costs a fortune, you pay $30 to $60 just to buy a SIM card. It’s outrageously expensive. Bah.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Cell Phones”

  1. Hey Callum,

    I guess they have the same system as the US.

    When I was there I got a pay-as-you-go mobile so that people
    could contact me. I got $30 of credit with it and figured that
    I wouldn’t use that in the month that I was there.

    I took calls…and took calls (mostly from the UK) then after
    3 days the phone went dead….no credit…”shurely shome mishtake?”

    I went back to the Verizon dealer to voice my concerns (in person of course as I had no credit!) only to be told that anything outside NY, where I bought the phone, would be classed as long distance.

    One thing about the Americans (and I inlcude Canadians in that term) they know how to charge for stuff!

    Got your winter woolies yet? If not you better get some ‘cos when it hits…it hits HARD.


  2. That’s a bloody good point, I’d better check out if I pay long distance to receive calls when I’m out of my “home” area code. Bah.

  3. Just checked with Rogers, I always pay the same rate to receive calls and local is local to wherever I am physically located. So if I’m in Vancouver calling Vancouver, it’s a local call. If I’m in Montreal calling Montreal, it’s a local call. Much better than I expected.

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