Montreal Police

I had my first run in with the Montreal police force last night. I was pulled over for jay walking! I resisted the urge to get into a debate about freedoms with the officer, instead I played the dumb tourist card, rather successfully. Although he couldn’t believe we don’t have jay walking laws in Scotland, he let me off without a ticket.

I learned my lesson. I now check for police before I jay walk. 😉

5 thoughts on “Montreal Police”

  1. Blimey oh riley. Thank god u didn’t get busted – what would it have cost??? JC. PS We want pics!!

  2. Not sure how much it would have cost actually, hopefully not too much, I’ll probably get busted eventually! 😉

    My pocket camera is busted so I can’t see the pics after I’ve taken them, it’s almost like the old fashioned days of film! I’ll snap off some shots over the weekend though.

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