Dirty, Dirty Apple

My bro got a couple of iPhones today. He told me that the headphone jack is recessed so only headphones with a very thin plug (like the apple headphones) fit into the jack. A regular set of headphones won’t fit.

Apple have also released a firmware update which bricks an unlocked iPhone. This means if you circumvented Apple’s network locking, and then update your phone, it stops working.

Apple repeatedly play these dirty, dirty tricks on customers. Yet we still buy their products. I say no more. F$#& them. I’m going to get rid of my iPod and replace it with something else. No MacBook for me.

2 thoughts on “Dirty, Dirty Apple”

  1. Ah, Apple 🙂 this summer in the US as the phone was being launched, I caught bit of the hype first-hand from the local papers. A mayor of some medium-sized city sat in line for days (?) himself to make sure he got the think right at the first day. And the newspaper was merely questioning if he should do it, being a major with important duties or his assistant, disregarding what to me seemed rather ridiculous blind idolization of a brand.

    I’m wondering how Apple is planning to release the “brick” in Finland – up until recently it was illegal to bundle phones with the connections in any way (resulting in fair prices and conditions for the customer and fierce competition for the networks). Thus locking phones never became a part of the Finnish mobile landscape, and these days we don’t even need to change the phone number when switching carriers (which can be done at any time as fixed-term contracts are rare). It’s doubtful Apple could be much of a challenge beyond the tiny set of Apple-maniacs in the homeland of Nokia anyway – we do love the national line of gadgets here.

    I also had an iPod… for about 2 days before I re-recycled in within the family 😛

    Anyway, some more reading stumbled across recently:
    1) Note to Apple: Stop thinking Like a Phone Company
    2) Someone might be suing
    3) Someone could fix da brick
    4) If you care about your rights, don’t buy an iPhone

  2. Woah there…right with you on this point. A couple of interesting articles there too. One of them talks about the fact that it is indeed a little computer, and as such, people will want to customise it. One of the most frustrating things i find with all Apple products, and one of the primary reasons i’ve not switched to a Mac, is the lack of customisability. The iPhone ‘Settings’ menu has like 10 options in it, and all they allow you to change is the most basic of settings.

    They really have a knack of doing some things brilliantly, a then bundling it with something else that’s just absurdly terrible! I’m still undecided whether to keep the iPhone – it is might nice looking, but not sure if a big screen and good iPod facilities outweigh the crap text input and lack of customisation.

    Thankfully, i can remove the rubber casing on my headphone jack fairly easily and they slip right in…i feel sorry for everyone else that is stuck with the crappy Apple headphones.

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