Incremental Backup on Amazon EC2 / S3

Somebody suggested using Amazon EC2 to provide an incremental backup interface to S3. For the likes of rsync to be truly effective, you need to have an rsync program running near the data store. It struck me, you could use an EC2 instance with free, high-speed bandwidth to S3 to do exactly that.

Using S3fuse (currently down) I’m sure you could script something so users log in to the EC2 instance and then mount their S3 bucket locally. Then rsync would work pretty effectively I reckon.

Could even be an interesting business model.

5 thoughts on “Incremental Backup on Amazon EC2 / S3”

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  2. The current version is for Windows XP and Vista. Future plans call for Linux and Mac versions.

    After the initial backup, only changed files are backed up so yes it does support incremental backup.

    Thanks for the great questions!

    Dov Sugarman
    Zoogmo – Your Online Backup Community

  3. Seems like you would have to have a LOT of friends to make this work. That’s the problem with bit torrent. It’s a great technology but requires hundreds to thousands of machines.

    Granted, a half dozen or so machine would be pretty cool but I just wouldn’t like the odds. People format all the time. People turn their computers off all the time. Etc. Like I said, neat idea but it would take hundreds or thousand to make it really rock.

    Curly rocks! lol

  4. > For the likes of rsync to be truly effective
    Rsync to s3 mount file system is not efficient!
    Given that S3 is all or nothing, i.e. if you want to change a file you have to PUT the whole thing again.
    Every time a local file has been changed it will uploads the hole new file, not just what has changed. That means that if you are using rsync for doing regular backups you are wasting unnecessary bandwidth.

    You can bypass this limitation using out rsync to s3 gateway.
    For more information take a look at out new service


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