Hitchiking in New York

On Monday I caught the ‘hound to Plattsburgh, NY from Montreal. From there I hitched over to Saranac Lake, population ~5’000 where I witnessed local politics in action. Twas exciting! Today I hitched back to Plattsburgh and from there back up to Montreal, crossing the border on foot.

My first lift was from a mother, daughter and guy just out of jail for selling methodone. My second ride offered me a pipe of weed and we sank at least 3 beers on the ride. This morning I was picked up by a doctor coming off a 24 hour shift, then a mobile salesman, a couple with a disabled sticker and finally the US Postal Service truck heading from JFK to Montreal.

All in all, a couple of days of adventure.

Here’s me leaving Saranac Lake this morning.

US New York Hitching out of Saranac Lake

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