Miro: TV On Demand

Miro is an awesome program. It’s a very simple concept. You download the player and subscribe to “channels”. Those channels are simply RSS feeds which include videos. The videos are downloaded automatically for you, and the program tracks what you’ve watched and what you haven’t. So it tells you when you’ve got new stuff to watch.

It even supports torrents, and the channels are simply RSS, so with a little effort (or probably searching) you could set it up to download your favourite TV programs by torrent.

There are currently over 3’000 channels, all of them free. My favourite thus far is The Onion News Network.

The best part is, the player runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Here’s a screenshot from my lovely new Fedora 8 desktop.

Screenshot Miro

Here’s the most recent Onion News instalment which inspired this post.

2 thoughts on “Miro: TV On Demand”

  1. Hi

    I try to install Miro on Fedora 8 but not successful. Can you please explain me how to install miro in Fedora 8 or can you please share the rpm or some other installtion file you used

  2. Miro is available from the repos. You can install it just by running “yum install Miro” as root.

    Update: Note the capital M in Miro, it won’t install otherwise.

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