Taxis and shovels

I missed my train from Toronto to Montreal yesterday for the office xmas party. So I booked a flight instead (remarkably cheaply at short notice). I debated a taxi versus the bus from the airport. I was short on time, I landed about 5pm, the meal was at 6pm. I decided to go with a taxi, and see if I could share.

I met a very friendly Japanese man in the queue, we agreed to share a cab. It turned out I had to take the taxi to his hotel and then get another taxi to my destination to avoid some other fee. So he paid for it as his company was picking up the bill. Nice.

Anyway, as we got into the taxi, the driver “popped the trunk” and as I opened it I spotted a shovel. I suddenly had flashes of CSI, The Sopranos, Dexter, etc and thought, what kind of “taxi” is this. Then I looked around at the mountains of snow on the road, and I figured it was probably harmless. 🙂

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