ZendStudio 5.5 on Fedora 8

I am delighted to report, that at long last, I’ve managed to successfully get Zend Studio 5.5 running on Fedora 8. It turns out that, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get Zend Studio 5.5 to run with Sun’s JRE / JDK 1.6. However, switching back to the 1.5 release worked like a charm.

I hadn’t realised just how easy it is to switch back to use JRE 1.5. It doesn’t need to be your system-wide java default. Simply download the release (.bin, not .rpm.bin) then switch to /opt and run the file as root. Accept the licence agreement, then it’ll unpack the JRE.

Then run this commands to correct for a change in F8:
cd lib/i386/xawt; cp libmawt.so libmawt.so.orig; sed -i "s/XINERAMA/FAKEEXTN/g" libmawt.so

This creates a backup of the libmawt.so file then runs a find / replace on it. Now to get Zend Studio 5.5 to use this JRE, simply edit the bin/runStudio_unix.sh file (in your Zend folder).

Then replace ../jre/bin/java with /opt/jre1.5.0_13/bin/java. Now run that file as your own user and Zend Studio will launch. No more blank windows.

4 thoughts on “ZendStudio 5.5 on Fedora 8”

  1. Zend, zip zop plop.

    Zippedy do daah dey. I got reason 4.8 to run on madness the other day, turns out all that was needed was a radical shift of perspective.

    I don’t know – operating systems, modus operandi

    zing, zing, zing
    ill phone soon…

  2. @Remo: The solution you mention didn’t work for me. It’s the same as adding the argument to the command line, it changes the AWT Toolkit in use. The only solution I found was to go back to JRE 1.5.

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