My first attempted mugging

Long Street is the main backpacker hang out in Cape Town. It’s very much down town, a street lined with bars, restaurants and hostels.

I was walking along Long Street on Friday night. It was just before 6pm, so still daylight. A guy approached me asking for change. I responded with my usual “not on yer life pal” look. As he got closer he said “Don’t make me use my knife” and moved to block my path. The he turned to his friend, who at this point was behind me, and said “Give me the knife”.

I managed to skip around the accomplice made my escape along the road. I resisted the urge to run. I decided the street was pretty busy, they were unlikely to chase me.

All in all, it was a remarkably calm situation. I didn’t loose my cool. They didn’t try to stop me getting away. It was fairly unsettling though. The guy threatened using a knife in broad daylight. On a quiet stretch of an otherwise busy street.

The incident won’t stop me going out in Cape Town. I will definitely be more careful on that stretch of road though. I’m sure I’ll also be more cautious in general, particularly at night. Perhaps I’ll avoid future hassles because of this first contact with Cape Town trouble.

11 thoughts on “My first attempted mugging”

  1. When i first saw the title I thought you were announcing your own criminal activities! 🙂

    Well done – one to add to the personal storybook.

  2. that’s a kitchen knife…. now this is a knife!
    I hear machete’s are cheap in those parts!
    In all seriousness they are cheap in those parts but you’d be better off with a gun, self defense.

  3. like to see the muggers face when in reply you take out a gun, smile and say “no noo nooooh, now empty your pockets and give me your money dawg”.

  4. Glad to hear you came out ok! Did you tell any of the local law about them, so hopefully they can pick them up before they prey on someone else? If they’re homeless, I’m sure the cops know their faces by now.

  5. You’re lucky, and it’s not just that street in CT, pretty much anywhere they will try to rob you.

    They have tried to rob me a total of 6 times now, and telling the authorities won’t help, because there is very little visible policing, and if you are mugged, only some people will come to your rescue or offer you help, as they don’t want to get involved.

    And chances are they aren’t homeless, they come to town with the express purpose of mugging people, they are probably part of a gang on of muggers that operate within various areas of CT. Having at least on male friend with you is a good idea, and taking out some form of weapon the minute they threaten to use one is a good idea.

    I’ve personally taken out my own knife twice, the other times some other guys helped me out, just keep ur eyes open and scan, if a guy looks like he’s paralleling you, check out to see if someone is behind you.

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