Cape Town Facebook Developers Garage

I was at the Cape Town Facebook Developers Garage last night. I have the badge to prove it!

South Africa Cape Town Facebook Developers Garage My ba

It was an interesting evening. Pizza was generously provided by Butler’s Pizza. If I’m not mistaken their delivery staff arrive wearing a tuxedo shirt (whatever it’s called) and a bow tie! Fantastic. Drinks were supplied by Joyent (I think I got the link right).

There were a few interesting presentations.  Jacques Marneweck spoke about memcache. He looked pretty nervous, but had some interesting things to say. He talked about starling, a memcache based queue server developed by Twitter and some other highly techy stuff. His slides were missing due to a format issue. I think the slides would really have helped the presentation, maybe he’ll post them online.

I’m meeting a few of the same people at most of the tech events in Cape Town. There seems to be a few interesting businesses going on down here. It feels like a small tech community, with a few “big fish”. Reminds me of Edinburgh.

5 thoughts on “Cape Town Facebook Developers Garage”

  1. Dear Callum

    I am trying to develop a South African version of the ‘Like’ button. It is called ‘Jislike’.

    Check out my website link to see it.

    I do not know how to actually create a FB App and I am searching for a person who can assist me.

    Do you know of any SA-based Facebook developers who might be able to assist me?


    Willem vd Schyf

    1. I’m not sure that one can build a replica of the “like” button, it’s pretty core to Facebook. Also, it’s been a long time since I was in Cape Town, I’m not sure who’s doing Facebook development these days. I could make an introduction or two if you like, please email me with something I can forward to people.

      1. Hi there, thanks for the post.
        Nice to get some idea of whats going on in SA from a FB developer POV. Didn’t even know there was a developer garage in SA!


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