Firefox keywords – a wonderful feature

You might call them url shortcodes, shortcuts, abbreviations or otherwise. Firefox calls them keywords. Bookmark a page, edit the bookmark, add a keyword. Now type that keyword into the address bar and hit enter. Boom, it takes you to the bookmarked page.

So instead of typing I can instead just type “search” and boom, I’m there! Props to cryton on freenode#firefox for the info. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Firefox keywords – a wonderful feature”

  1. It’s even better than that. If you right click in the scroogle text search box, you can “Add a keyword for this search”. Then you just type ” any-text-here” in your address bar.

  2. It’s even better than that!

    There’s a small box, that looks a little like the URL box, that you can just type a word into and it will search for that word! You don’t even have to type in the keyword for the search engine you want to use!

    Seriously tho – pretty neat feature…thanks.

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