My 2nd attempted mugging

I was on my way home last night. I stopped my motorbike to read a text message. It was just next to the central train / taxi station. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a guy crossing the road towards me. Not in front or behind me, right towards me. I stuffed my phone in my jacket pocket. The bike was in 3rd gear. I dropped to 2nd and twisted the gas. It starts slowly in 2nd. He was running by now. He got to me just as the bike was moving off. His hand went straight for my pocket. He was on my right hand side. My right hand was on the accelerator. My left hand just managed to keep him out of my pocket. As my speed picked up he dropped off.

Close call.

Gotta love South Africa baby! 😉

2 thoughts on “My 2nd attempted mugging”

  1. Hello,

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying South Africa.
    I’m currently in Koh Samet enjoying breakfast on the beach.
    Thnaks again for the recommendation.


  2. What…sounds to me like you should’ve stepped off the bike and opened up a fresh can of whoopass! Ninja style! ha ha…

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