Facebook is turning into MySpace

My biggest complaint with MySpace is, the profile pages get out of hand. They become outrageously long with vast numbers of images, videos and other junk. Facebook by comparison has always been cleaner, simpler and lighter. MySpace profiles take forever to load, even on broadband. Facebook profiles were snappy.

No longer.

I checked a profile today that contained a total of 1750 files coming in at 11.83 Mb. It took a total of 9minutes and 19 seconds to fully load. Outrageous. This user has a total of 75 Facebook apps installed.

Facebook need to fix the problem. There are a few simple solutions. For example, split the profile into multiple pages, with a few apps on each page. Or let users load one app at a time. Whichever way, something has to change.

I wonder if this signals the beginning of Facebook’s end.

4 thoughts on “Facebook is turning into MySpace”

  1. … no, the vast exodus of people that – having realised they’re useful for little more than finding a long lost friend or ex – seem to be leaving sites like MySpace and Facebook signals the beginning of the end. If you ask me, the ship sailed a little while ago, and the founders must be pissing themselves laughing that anyone was stupid enough to value it at $15b.

  2. I definitely agree that Facebook Apps are part of it’s downfall. I’ve blocked them all on my account and would take a vote for more stringent control of the apps which are approved.

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