Twitter is borked

It’s taken a while for me to notice, but I don’t get any messages from Twitter any more. I no longer receive SMS notifications, or IM notifications, or anything else for that matter. I just don’t get updates. I’ll probably have to start reading twitter via RSS. Bah.

Apparently this is old news.

I wonder how it will affect Twitter’s business. They’re so popular the system can’t cope. Yet they still haven’t shown a clear revenue model. Who’s crazy enough to be paying for the whole thing? It all sounds very .com bubble to me.

One thought on “Twitter is borked”

  1. I think that fact that it was called the .com bubble rather than .com peak makes people think that there will be only one, whereas i see it as a series of peaks and troughs that will over time reduce in size to a more steady constant.

    And, i give you good credit because i hadn’t noticed this growing trend myself, but i do agree that we seem to be heading up towards the second major .com peak which will sharply make it’s way downwards towards a trough…probably to nicely coincide with the pending US recession!

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