IE and CheckBoxElement

If you name a class anythingCheckBoxElement it will cause wonkiness in IE. Very frustrating. Took me almost 6 weeks to figure this out.

The behaviour I experienced was that a div wouldn’t move properly when other divs around it were moved. Changing the class name of a child table row to filterCheckBoxElement2 resolved the problem. It would seem that CheckBoxElement is a reserved word and may not appear at the start or end of any names. Weird.

Naturally, the vastly superior Firefox has no such limitation! 🙂

2 thoughts on “IE and CheckBoxElement”

  1. I’m not sure how this could have happened, but a large amount of loan spam has infiltrated your post. Doesn’t appear on this page but if you check the source code you’ll see links to

  2. Thank you Henry, you’re absolutely right. I’m not sure how I picked up on that. It seems that the hack came in through the XMLRPC interface, I’m on it. 🙂

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