Charles with Etihad Airways

Last month I flew from Johannesburg to Bangkok, via Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. The flights were each relatively pleasant, the entertainment was pretty good, and the price was unbelievable, definitely unbeatable.

When leaving the first plane from Jo’burg to Abu Dhabi, I left my phone on the plane. I realised as soon as I got to security at gate in Abu Dhabi. I went straight to the Etihad desk where I met Charles. He jumped on the radio and somebody went out to check the plane. No luck, my phone had not been found.

I checked my bags and my pockets again. I re-walked my route. I was convinced my phone had to be on the plane. Charles took me back down to the gate, and had the bus driver check all 5 buses in use on that flight. No sign of my phone.

I consoled myself that it was time to get a new phone, left my email address and contact information with Charles, and boarded my next flight. I was doing my best to focus on non-attachment, the impermanence of all things, and so on. I was just about to fall asleep, when I thought, it would be great if Charles turned up on the plane with my phone. Stop dreaming I told myself, the phone has gone. Not two seconds later, there’s a tap on my shoulder, and Charles is in the aisle of the plane asking me what type of phone it was. Then he handed me my phone. Charles had sent somebody back to double check the plane, and rushed the phone to me just before we departed.

That’s customer service.

Charles could easily have passed the phone onto lost property or left somebody else to deal with it. My phone could so easily have fallen through the cracks. Charles will definitely impact, positively, on my next decision to fly with Etihad Airways. I’ve emailed Etihad to thank Charles.

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  1. I did the same on my flight from Manchester 022 on Friday 2oth February I did not have the same luck so far. Perhaps I should have asked for Charles but I did speak to someone named Charlie.

    I had some good help from Etihad (less so from others) but I do not think that a proper search could have been carried out as my phone was defintitly left on the plane

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