I submitted a patch to Zen Cart

My brother has been having some trouble with his ZenCart powered store. Customers couldn’t check out using PayPal’s Website Payments Pro, or something like that. Anyway, today, he finally convinced me to look into the problem. So I dug into the code. Wow. Zen Cart is not a developer’s dream.

It took me forever to get my head around it. Eventually, I tracked down where the issue was coming from, and between Ferg and I, we solved it. I’m pretty confident we found the underlying cause of the problem. So I whipped up a patch and headed off to submit it. Again, Zen Cart is not very developer friendly. I had to file a bug report in this forum and then attach my patch.

I think there’s a huge market for an open-source ecommerce platform. Something with the power and flexibility of Zen Cart but simpler to use, install and manage.

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