Zend Studio 5.5.1 on Ubuntu

I had some challenges with Zend Studio so I’m posting this for anyone with the same problems (and for my own records). I found the solution here. The issue is related to compiz. Additionally, Sun’s java5 needs to be the default java (set with `sudo update-java-alternatives`).

4 thoughts on “Zend Studio 5.5.1 on Ubuntu”

  1. Hi, I had the same issue a while back, I just disabled compiz until found the fix.
    There is another issue after upgrading to 8.10

    If you have not upgraded it yet, don’t.
    Text gets all garbled on larger scripts.

    I started this:

    Someone else is having same issue:

    Do you have an idea what might cause this?
    We pretty much tried everything.

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