Bloggers breakfast

I was at a blogger’s breakfast with the guys from Mahalo this morning. It was interesting to meet some Sydney tech people. There was a mix of people. Primarily fairly switched on, fairly corporate looking suits. A spattering of geeks and Jason devotees. It was quite a small affair, about 25 people all told.

I definitely made one or two interesting connections. Karl is an impressive guy. He’s 16 years old and maintains a gaming server network of 628 servers. He and his dad run the business with one other technician. Impressive for 16.

The overall feel was very corporate. A lot of guys in suits. Initially only 1 woman before Zara and Jason’s wife arrived. I wonder if that’s typical of the tech scene in Sydney. I hope it’s a more mixed bag. I’m on the lookout for a few more events to check out.

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