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Cog clock - taken by balakov on flickrI’m pissed.

Happy Cogs recently did some work on the admin upgrade for WordPress 2.5. Through them, I found the hosting company Media Template. The pitch was appealing. They seemed professional, personal, all the things you’d want from a hosting company. That is, until I started digging.

One of their virtual server products costs $150 per month, and includes 2Tb of bandwidth. Excess bandwidth is charged, per Gb, at $2.56. Or, if you pre-purchase 1Tb, at half that price, $1.28 per Gb. That means that your first 2Tb cost $150, while your next 1Tb would cost $1’310.72, or 17.5 times more than your first 2Tb (1’748% to be precise).

Astounded by this absurdity I contacted their sales team. I was expecting the response to be in line with their website. Intelligent, considered, rational. I was sadly disappointed. It felt like the typical, corporate, monkey follow order, response you’d expect from Hewlett Packard or some other Indian outsourced outfit.

Not content to let matters lie, I have started a campaign. I have described my outrage at GetSatisfaction. Then I posted it to digg. Now I’m posting it here. Then I’m going to email all the links to the CEO and see what happens. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get an intelligent response. Otherwise, I’ll publicise the fact that their ticket system allows you to view the email addresses of people who contact them.

8 thoughts on “Media Template – outrageous bandwidth charges”

  1. Those are *crazy* cheap prices. Very impressive. I’m concerned about going too cheap in case the service suffers as a result. But for non-core services (backup servers, non-essential stuff, mirroring, etc) they might be a great option. I wonder if there really is a 2 week wait time.

  2. I’ve moved to RapidSwitch, a UK company offering only dedicated servers (no shared hosting or VPS). Brilliantly, you can spec exactly what you want rather than a fixed set of offerings: need more memory, but not so fussed about disk? Then just pay for the extra memory.
    Free setup+£49/mth gets you a 2.2Ghz dual-core machine with 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD and 4TB/mth transfer. An extra tenner gives you unlimited bandwidth… Set up time: < 4 hours!
    Built in monitoring, live bandwidth, and bandwidth forecasting, KVMoIP, makes for a great professional offering.

  3. @Alex: What happened to your $5 a month package? Was it reliable, etc?

    @Alfie Haggis: Not quite sure what you mean by “frame your images”. Do they appear wonky on your screen? Can you send me a screenshot?

  4. Hi Callum

    Sorry, I meant for you to add some padding between the image and the text. The way it looks for me at the moment is that there is no space between the text and the image thus it kinda cancels out the letters directly adjacent to the image itself. Just makes it easier to read.

    Im prolly knitpicking but the rest of your sites design is pretty sharp so I thought I’d bring it up.

    Im using IE 6 if that helps.

    If your still unsure what I mean I’ll send you a screenshot of it tonight. Kinda busy just now.



  5. @Alfie Haggis: Hmm, that’s odd. It looks fine on Firefox 3. There’s a left padding of 7px on the image so there’s a nice gap between it and the text. If you could send me a screenshot that’d be great. I don’t have IE6 to test.

  6. @Callum: No, they were shite. Box spec turned out to be similar to the dedicated server I now lease directly, but with cPanel and a few hundred users on it. They basically couldn’t provide HTTP and IMAP reliably let alone any of the more advanced outlandish claims. Both services went down at least once per day, and in the end they suspended my account without explanation cutting off my access to all data and services for no reason. Avoid them at all costs.

    Seems you definitely do get what you pay for. If anybody well-behaved wants a bit of hosting on a dedicated box without the bullshit, let me know.

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