Considering a Nokia N810

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet picture from WikipediaI’m thinking about buying a Nokia N810.

  • Email, web out and about
  • Music, movies, books, on the go
  • Skype / SIP calls
  • Instant Messaging, IRC
  • Meeting notes instead of a laptop
  • Instead of a laptop for short trips

Anyone have any feedback? Have you got one? Does it work well? Is the keyboard easy to use? Does the GPS system work well? Do you have to buy the maps? Can they be torrented? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Considering a Nokia N810”

  1. I’m very happy with my N810, mostly because I like the fact it’s a real linux box and I can hack everythinh on it (become root, ssh, etc). The OS is completely open so you can tweak everything.. and the community is nice (-> internet tablet talk)

    As a media player, it’s ok (plays everything – with mplayer) but the available players are not that good (clumsy interfaces, not very eye candy)..

    If you have a wifi access (no 3G), the browser experience is very good. Big screen, don’t need to zoom around, flash, ajax… The keyboard is fine, too. You can use gmail withouth a glitch.

    The GPS has a first-fix-time problem. After a cold boot, you often have to sit and wait 5-10 minutes under a clear sky to get a fix… Then it’s ok. I don’t use the GPS-maps includes but maemo-mapper, which downloads (and cache) maps from googlemaps, microsoft and others..

    Skype works fine but no video. Gizmo has video but never really tried yet

  2. ef, thanks for the feedback, that’s great.

    No video in Skype? That sucks, that was one of my major motivations. I don’t have an in-built webcam in my laptop and I miss it. Having had a few video calls with people, it’s really the next level of communication. I figured at least if I had it on the tablet it would save me upgrading for a while. Hmm, might have to research this…

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