First impressions of the Nokia N810

I spent 4 long hours on public transport today. I was eager to collect my new Nokia N810 as soon as possible. I twittered some first impressions. It’s a lovely device. Very tactile. It feels very solid. I was initially skeptical about the keyboard, but once I booted the device and started using, it’s great. So far I’m very impressed.

Unfortunately, the 5 way navigator button is faulty. The left side of the button doesn’t work, and the right side is super sensetive. So I can scroll right but not left. Bummer. It’ll have to go back to Nokia to be fixed. So much for getting my new machine in a hurry! A good opportunity to practice patience. Plus, it gives me some time to experiment. Once it’s fixed I’ll wipe all the settings and start fresh.

For all you picture lovers, here’s a shot of Mahjong:

Playing Mahjong on the Nokia N810

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