Backup, backup, then backup some more

I’ve had a couple of backup reminders recently. John suffered a hard drive failure. Then his backup failed. It reminded me that I need to sort out a backup for my server. This server! Then I accidentally deleted my whole address book. Thankfully I was able to restore from backup quite painlessly. Thank you dear, sweet 🙂

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the message with YOU. When did you last backup? Do you have an automated backup plan? Have you tested it? Do you know you can actually recover your data, or do you just hope? Do you keep your backup drive next to your computer? How would you be affected by fire or theft?

Backup is a little bit like insurance. It’s tempting to drive without insurance, until you have a crash that is. Then, of course, the insurance seems like a bargain. Why not decide today is a good day to check over your backup procedure? Maybe even run a little test restore just to be sure.

Here’s a picture from amanky completely unrelated to backup which appeared in a flickr search for backup all the same.

7 thoughts on “Backup, backup, then backup some more”

  1. wow… I’ve been on a “get very well backed-up” rampage lately… good to be prepared for the inevitable failure of hardware!

  2. I’m going to switch servers soon I reckon. The UK2 box has become more expensive, it’s £49/month now. I could get a pretty decent slice for that money.

  3. @Alex: I’ve just switched to a SliceHost vps, with RAID disks and optional backup for $10/month. I might ask you to drop some files on your server though. 🙂

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