Magic pidgins

Pidgin is my instant messaging client of choice. It means my MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ and other contacts are all in one place. Today I have taken that to the next level with three new plugins.

Skype Pidgin Plugin

I need to have skype installed and running, but now I can send / receive messages from within pidgin. On linux, this is a big deal. The skype interface sucks. It lacks spell check, among other things. Now I can even send encrypted, deniable messages through Skype with the Off The Record plugin. All my other pidgin plugins work with Skype. Fantastic. Get the plugin here. (It works for poor people on Windows also).

Facebook Chat on Pidgin

More and more people have started talking to me on Facebook chat. The interface was a little ropey, I much prefer talking to people in Pidgin. For example, when somebody sends me a message, a web site has no way of letting me know. So if Facebook is open but not on the screen (say on another tab) I miss the messages. Pidgin on the other hand is great for that. Now pidgin supports facebook chat.

Twitter via Pidgin

I haven’t actually activated this plugin yet, but I have installed it. I believe it allows you to set / get Twitter messages via Pidgin. I like that idea a lot. I really liked Twitter’s IM service (before it died). But now I’m using (invite code vivalaping) to update all my statuses in one go. So Twitter only via IM might be a bit weird. I can post to through IM no problems, they have a Jabber interface.

Plugin Pack

Before I forget, I recently installed the available plugins from the Ubuntu repository. I grabbed all the pidgin related plugin packs that looked good. That made a big difference. Added Extra Prefs and Off The Record Messaging which were the biggest changes I think.

Pidgin is on a new level today. 🙂 Here’s a pretty picture for all you visual / non techy types out there.

7 thoughts on “Magic pidgins”

  1. I’m the latest candidate to join the pidgin revolution after my 27 Google Apps accounts keep confusing each other and messing around with my Google Chats!

    What’s with the 13 posts in one day…then nothing for over a week? Give us more regular musings…

  2. @Fergy: I think you exaggerate slightly! Welcome to the pidgin revolution brother, it’s a breath of fresh air I’ve found. 🙂

  3. pidgin is now wonderful with these plugins…

    but how do i do the multiple statuses for the different accounts that I see in your picture?

  4. @Jared: If you install the pidgin-plugin-pack from the repos that includes a plugin called Mystatusbox which will allow you to set your status per account.

    I’ve personally disabled it as it used too much screen space and I never used it.

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