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I signed up with FuseMail to host my email.They have failed me. Badly.

I reported a problem to them. I provided a detailed technical report. I received a short response which did not relate to my problem. I replied, at length, explaining that they had completely failed to address my problem. I received a second reply which was almost as short and just as useless as the first.

Overcome with frustration, I called them. The agent was the same person who sent me my first reply. I knew the call wasn’t going to go well. After 40 minutes on the phone, they finally conceded that they had made a mistake, there was a problem with their system. A senior engineer had fixed it, it would be sorted in 5-15 minutes. No apology.


While on the phone, without asking my permission, the agent went into my mail account. She was looking for an email I said I had arrived, but she couldn’t find it. She had full and unrestricted access to my email. Ouch. I’m amazed that FuseMail staff need no permission to read my mail.

So, this leaves me looking for a new mail service. The best thing about FuseMail would seem to be their 14 day money back guarantee. I can cancel without having to pay for the shoddy service! 🙂

For the geeks out there, here’s a log of the ticket.

I opened with:


I’ve set up a new domain and associated mail account for domain.co.uk.

Here’s the log when I try to send a test mail:

telnet mx.fusemail.net smtp
Connected to mx.fusemail.net.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
220 smtp-gw31.mailanyone.net MailAnyone incSMTP Mon, 25 Aug 2008 21:38:03 -0500
HELO callum-macdonald.dyndns.org
250 smtp-gw31.mailanyone.net Hello callum-macdonald.dyndns.org []
MAIL FROM: me{at}callum-macdonald.com
250 OK
RCPT TO: steve{at}domain.co.uk
550 Email Address was not found lvl0
503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA
500 unrecognized command
221 smtp-gw31.mailanyone.net closing connection
Connection closed by foreign host.

Please advise.

Cheers – Callum.

FuseMail responded with:


The MX record is not currently pointing to us, if you have changed this recently, please keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours for this to propagate.

In outrage I replied:

Come on now, don’t treat me like I’m stupid.

I didn’t say that the MX was pointing to FuseMail. I said, the server is not accepting mail for the domain. I included a telnet log which showed me connecting to the server and attempting to deliver mail. The mail was rejected.

If your response was meant to say “The mail server will only accept mail once the live MX records point to it.” then it should have said that. What it did say was just bloody obvious. Stating the obvious doesn’t help me resolve my problem.

So, let me repeat myself. The server mx.fusemail.net is not currently accepting mail for the domain domain.co.uk.

I have another domain, opencouchsurfing.org which I have set up on FuseMail. The server mx.fusemail.net *does* accept mail for that domain, even though there are *no MX* records pointing to fusemail for that domain.

So, there is a problem with domain.co.uk. The server should accept mail for the domain but it does not.

Just for the record, as a new customer still on trial, I’m not impressed by support so far. I expected a better level of understanding from a dedicated mail hosting company. I feel like I’m dealing with GoDaddy’s hosting support.


To which they had this to say:

None of your domains will receive mail in our system. The MX record for these domains must be pointed to our server for the mail to be delivered here. This is how the transfer of emails work. I can assure you that if you send mail to any of your addresses they are not going to come here unless there is a forward setup on the other server to send it to chmac{at}fusemail.com. Let us know if you have any other questions.

What do you think? Have I overreacted? Should I give Fusemail another chance? Or should I terminate them at once for gross incompetence?

Update: I have removed the technician’s names from this post upon request from FuseMail.

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  1. Pat, thanks for joining the fray. I was really hoping somebody from FuseMail was going to pick up on the feedback and make contact. I do like FuseMail’s offering, and I can’t find a better deal in the market. I’ll contact you privately to discuss one or two things.

  2. Hi Callum,

    Sorry that your experience with FuseMail has not started off well. I am actually the person that fixed the technical problem that caused this issue. I’m sorry that your issue was not correctly addressed by our first-level technical support. If you ever feel that your questions is not being answered correctly or to your satisfaction you can request that it be escalated for further review.

    I’ll convene a short meeting and discuss with our technical support staff what went wrong. Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback!


  3. Hi Callum,

    I have been helping you on the sales side of FuseMail as well. If I can help out in any way, let me know. I’m sorry you haven’t had the best experience to date, but between Pat and myself, I’m sure we’ll get things back on track for you.

    You should have my direct contact info, so feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Henry Weber

  4. Two responses from FuseMail, now that’s what I call exceptional customer service!

    Thanks Henry, you have given me the final push I need, I’m moving my personal mail to FuseMail today. I’ll start the DNS migration right now. 🙂

  5. Hi Callum, I’m looking for a review of Fusemail, now that you’ve had a couple of months with them, what do you think? Have you had any more problems? Thanks, I’ll watch this thread, or you can email me at issac at servee dot com

  6. @Issac Kelly: FuseMail came back on this problem well. Pat and Henry really impressed me with the way they handled it. The follow up was excellent, my problem was resolved, and all was well.

    Subsequently, I lost a couple of emails. I use Evolution on Linux, and had trouble with the Expunge feature. I mark the mail for deletion, then hit Expunge to purge it from the server. It would only purge some of the messages marked for deletion, not all of them. I’d have to repeatedly press it, sometimes 5 or 10 times to remove all deleted messages.

    During that process, at least twice, I lost very important client emails which were not marked for deletion. It was very unsettling to think that my email system wasn’t 100% reliable.

    I spoke to FuseMail about it. They were very pleasant about it, but the bottom line is, they don’t know what happened, have no logs, and can’t say it won’t happen again. They didn’t have an Evolution client machine available, so weren’t able to run any further tests. From a technical perspective, abysmal.

    If it were my business I’d have grabbed an Ubuntu CD, installed a copy, created a few test mail accounts, and tried to replicate the problem. Mail not deleting properly and some mail being lost would be a top level priority for me as a mail host. But they basically said “We don’t know what caused it, not sure what we can do.”

    So after a while I moved to TuffMail. Their support kinda sucks, they’re real techies not people people, but the service works. Spam filtering is excellent (once you labour through getting it setup properly). I’ve lost no mail, expunge works perfectly, and most importantly, I trust my mail again. 🙂

  7. Wow! We have been with Fusemail for years now. In the last year we have experienced ‘lost’ emails.Tech support has been useless. Company wide we do not trust our email. Reading your blog validated that we were not losing our minds. Thank you for the post and for the TuffMail reference. We will be looking into it immediately.

    1. @Andrea Pozzi: I understand the truly unsettling feeling when email simply “disappears”. We trust so implicitly in machines that when they fail, and fail quietly, it’s a truly disturbing feeling. I’ve been very happy with TuffMail to date. Very technical, support is solid but not particularly “friendly”. The service works and I get virtually no spam, around 5-10 messages a week in both my spam folders. That’s just amazing given my previous volumes of around 100 messages per day.

  8. Very interesting. As a small company being with fusemail for about 1.5 years we today decided to giving them up due to about 5 major full day outages and ‘missing mails’ for up to 12+ hours. As you can imagine this hurts a small company badly when a whole day’s incoming mails go missing and no apologies, pre-warnings or proper post-explanation is given by fusemail support afterwards, which leads me to believe they do not take it very seriously for their clients to lose emails. Surely they should have some kind of back up server to cover themselves during these kind of outages to prevent client mails going missing so that they are retrievable and passed on to us afterwards. I thought this is what this kind of service is for. Perhaps I am wrong. But we never get these day’s worth of missing email back. Very disappointed today again.

  9. Yes, I envy you for getting out early.

    I’ve had very similar experiences yet for some reason I didn’t get out when the warning bells started sounding.

    On paper its a great offering but the system is unreliable and the customer service is terrible. Its been a year, I’m out.

  10. Thank you for your writing about Fusemail. In this last month of February 2012, I have had my final horrible experience with Fusemail that started two years ago. Consistently they had problems with ATT Business mail. Normally, it would take 1.5 weeks to fix; however, this last time they failed with a fix for over three weeks. This failure has ended my four year relationship with this Canadian company. Ray Cossette, the head of tech support, is one of the main foot draggers in the company. This Canadian has kept his position of ‘putting off till tomorrow what he could not do today’. I found that Cossette was unable to get out of his denial and admit, like other techs were willing to do, that Fusemail has a hard time keeping in sync with certain carriers. I kept my email log to the support team to publish so that the world can see how businesses, like Fusemail, can shoot themselves in the foot while leaving a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth. I want my money back!!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your hassles with FuseMail. I can thoroughly recommend TuffMail if you’re looking for a mail provider. I get almost zero spam through them. My experience of their tech support has been outstanding technical knowledge delivered in a fairly dry manner.

  11. I found this place searching for fusemail problem, as their webmail and pop have been offline today since 2pm (Pacific Time). I’ve been with them for about 3 months, and noted a number of outages which is making me think I might keep looking for email hosting.

  12. fusemail is a disaster. their support just hung up on me after sending a bill to me addressed to the wrong person. they charged my card for invoices that were over a year old and already paid.

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