StraightPress Logos

Ross has been working his visual magic to create a brand for StraightPress. From the initial ideas we’ve chosen these 7 as the top contenders. Now we’re going to review, reconsider, and then move forward!

You can see all 7 logos full size over on the sp blog. I’d really appreciate any feedback there or here.

3 thoughts on “StraightPress Logos”

  1. I like the red square, but not keen on the italics in the name in it.

    I like the circle strings – very funky, though maybe not the best for a company called ‘Straight’ – or maybe very good for a company called ‘Straight’…can’t quite decide.

    Orange square is funky too…like it a lot.

    And the red circle…like it…but not sure why there’s just a ‘P’ in it…maybe a ‘SP’?

  2. Green with courier font is lovely – plus like how the company name is ‘pressed’ between the green bars – nice old fashioned idea in a techy world!

    The circles are lovely – like the fact they are circles, not lines, but like Fergy, think there is a clash here (plus company name is not as readable in this one).


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