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I’m listening to Robert Kiyosaki’s Choose to be Rich series. I was given it by a friend, so contact me personally if you don’t want to pay the $220 price tag. I’ve only just learned it costs $220 this very minute, as I looked up that link. Interesting. I wonder if I would pay $220 for it. I’ll know when I’m done I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

Part of the program that struck me was the three piggy bank idea. Kiyosaki advocates getting three piggy banks. He says every morning, get up and put something in each bank. Start with a dollar per bank per day. Start with any amount you want, but do it every day.

The three piggy banks are for saving, investment, and tithing. He explains the tithing concept as philanthropy. It’s the idea of being generous, giving money away. Supporting good causes.

I’ve long talked about the idea of supporting charity. I always said I’d do so “when I had enough money”. Well now I earn more than I spend. It’s that simple. Now I have enough money. I’ve taken the decision that I’m going to start making recurring, automatic donations to charity.

Which raises the powerful question, which charities?

I’m concerned about the environment. Human rights, particularly freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom of movement (between countries, etc). We all have a soft spot for children. I’d like to help those in most desperate need. I don’t believe anyone needs to starve in our world today. I think basic medical care is a human right.

I’m very interested in organisational theory, so I want to support a charity that’s efficient. I believe that on-street fundraising (people asking you to sign direct debits) is fundamentally wrong. I believe it is an over commercialisation of charity. I believe charity is about doing good, about philanthropy, not about operating as a business with a good cause in mind. If I sell drugs on the streets of Los Angeles to support children in Africa, that is not charity.

Considering all these motivations, can you recommend a charity to support? My friend Jared founded the ambitiously named CHOSA. I’ll definitely consider that charity because I have seen the work Jared does.

Can you recommend a charity comparison web site? I’d be particularly interested in a service which asks me a series of questions, then recommends a charity based on my answers. I’d happily pay for that service, or pay a commission to the service.

Here’s a fairly unrelated picture (flickr tagged “philanthropy”) to break up the monotany of text on this page. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I give to Wateraid and The Burma Campaign UK, although i haven’t done that much research into either, and TBCUK are a bit narrow-minded in their approach to the situation.

  2. Hey. I wouldnt mind a copy of that audiobook if you get a spare moment.

    squirt some guacamole in your taco for me darling

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