Goodbye FuseMail, hello TuffMail

I have changed mail providers again. I’ve been with TuffMail for about 3 weeks now.

After my initial hassles with FuseMail, they came round. Pat and Henry were great. They got back to me after my scathing blog post, the issues were cleared up. All was well. I was all set to stay put.

FuseMail Problems

I had a problem deleting mail. I use IMAP, so I’d mark the mail to be deleted (press delete). Then the message is still visible, but crossed out. It’s waiting to be “purged” or “expunged”. I’d hit Expunge (in Evolution) and some of my mail waiting for deletion would be deleted. But only some. Then I’d repeat the process several times, and eventually get rid of all the mail to be deleted.

At least twice during this process, other emails were also deleted. Messages that I had not marked for deletion. I noticed that two very important client emails disappeared. It rocked my faith in FuseMail and my email in general. It was a very unsettling feeling.

I contacted FuseMail support. Explained my situation. I even managed to find the message ids of the lost messages from my backups. The response was very friendly, but pretty useless. They essentially said they couldn’t reproduce the problem, and so couldn’t do anything about it. They didn’t have a Linux machine to test with Evolution.

Hello TuffMail

So after a few weeks I finally made the switch to TuffMail. TuffMail is run by geeks. Every one of my suport emails has been answered by a guy called John Cano. I’m guessing he’s the man behind TuffMail.

His support sucks. Technically, he’s spot on, but his customer service sucks. It’s like asking for help on the #centos IRC channel. You’re expected to read the manual yourself, figure out what needs to be done, and then do it. Either I misunderstand John’s emails, ore they’re sarcastic at my expense. I’m assuming I misunderstand! πŸ˜‰

But, aside from the geekyt support, the service is technically excellent. Spam filtering seems to be rock solid after I finally got it seup properly. I can create complex sieve rules to filter my mail (which I adore). I haven’t lost a single email. All seems to be well.


Can I recommend FuseMail? Honestly, probably not. If you’re not too worried about losing email, or if you don’t use Linux, maybe they’ll be ok. Personally, I can’t in good faith recommend them after my experience.

Can I recommend TuffMail? If you’re a geek and don’t need “friendly” support, sure. The service is technically great. The configuration options are plentiful. You can set it up just how you like it. If you’re not a geek though, and you want a friendly support desk, no, I can’t recommend TuffMail either.

So my search for a technically competent, Linux friendly, well supported email system continues. Recommendations on a postcard… πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Goodbye FuseMail, hello TuffMail”

  1. Not a recommendation, because I haven’t any experience with them yet, but I was reading up on Zimbra the other day, and found

    Certainly Linux friendly, they appear technically competent, and Zimbra should work with Evolution too. Not cheap.

  2. @Adam Leinss: I agree, John’s support is technically excellent. At the same time, it feels like asking for support on the #CentOS IRC channel. You might get a technical solution, but the personal interaction between two human people is less than pleasant.

    John’s always been professional with me. His responses just lack a certain human “niceness”. I get the information I specifically asked for, although maybe not the information I really want if I slightly misworded my question.

    I stand by my original comments, if you want a highly technical service with highly technical support, TuffMail is great. On the other hand, there’s no way I’d ask my mother to email John directly for support. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,

    I use Tuffmail and know what you mean however I noticed lately I have got a few e-mails from a guy called Derek who is technical and friendly. Perhaps they let John go back to what he does best, keeping tuffmail going.


    1. Tuffmail, owned by John Capo, was sold to Derek a whole ago. That’s why you’re receiving mail from Derek now. –Peter

  4. Hi,

    I have experienced a very poor services with Fusemail products. A few things, since the time they promise to change any further approach to their system, it’s a lie! First of all, their Sales Representatives are foolish! They promise almost everything to you and please you as much possible, but it turn to be negative when you try to leave their services. For now, I am relief that I am no longer dealing with the company. As this is possibly the worst “Nightmare” ever to be waken up!

    “They take your money, and than lie about how excellent their products and services offered by them” Its a pain to hear the truth! Well, the truth will show! Wait! It is showing! LOL! The more the company covers the truth about they system malfunctioning, it will one day release the “Ugly Head” and than go bankrutpy without knowing what happen!

    If I was the CEO in J2Global (the parent company of Fusemail), I will close down Fusemail first and run some other company that does work! Like probably “TuffMail” or even some other Mail products that actually works. At least make it 40% working and functional product!
    Think it through! Plan head in the future endeavors! Release Fusemail, permanently or temporary for now, or else the pain will reveal soon!

  5. Apparently, FuseMail had just suffered another gone major outage and as an ISP – thousands of businesses and families rely on email.

    We are now using a great product from LinuxMagic, called CityEmail. I’ve read up on many of the recent FuseMail reviews and their twitter feed #FuseMail is flooded with customer complaints. It’s hard to let go of a company we’ve used for so long, but it’s time to move on!


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