Seth Godin’s Tribes for free

According to this page you can click this link and get Seth Godin’s Tribes ebook for free. I’ve already purchased a copy which should be delivered by Amazon, so I’m a member of triiibes. However, that is being physically shipped to my address in the UK, and I’m currently in Sydney (well, Melbourne today, but Sydney mostly). I think I’m actually getting two copies as we were given a copy for pre-ordering and joining triiibes.

Thus, I feel quite relaxed about downloading an audio copy for free.

I should forewarn you, if you select United Kingdom as your country of residence, you will be immediately and without request redirected to the version of the site. Thereupon you will no longer be able to find the book for free. I lied, claiming to be a resident of USA.

Audible includes Windows / Mac only DRM software bullshit. I was able to download the file using these instructions. Yay for freedom. 🙂 But I’m unable to play the file on my machine. Nay for freedom. 🙁

One thought on “Seth Godin’s Tribes for free”

  1. Tribes,Gangs,Teams whatever! Trouble with this is there is always jealousy and bitching going on as peoples’ ego’s get in the way.
    Just my opinion.

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