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I’ve just been advised by EasySpace that the VPS I rent from them cannot access torrents. They block all torrent traffic on their network.

I’m sorry but Easyspace do not allow connection to torrent trackers on our network. There is the potential for the service to be abused so it is forbidden entirely.

Uploading/Downloading torrents will also greatly increase the bandwidth usage of your server and potentially cause problems for other users on the network.

Outrageous. If it wasn’t that I need a UK IP I’d kill the service immediately. Outrageous.

Any recommendations on a good UK VPS host? I’m looking around £25 a month for a reasonably spec’d box (probably 512MiB RAM). I’ll be happy to switch if I can find a better alternative.

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  1. Hi Callum,

    Please excuse the intrusion to your blog but it just popped up in one of my Google Alerts and I thought you would appreciate some further explanation.

    I’ve had a look at your ticket and agree with you that not being able to access torrents is unfortunate, however I would hope you understand the reasoning behind it.

    As you probably know, torrent services can and most commonly are abused to host and serve illegally shared files and documents. We have no way realistically of monitoring each and every torrent which you are serving/accessing, which leaves it open to abuse. I know that there are legitimate torrent services, and it’s great that these exist however we must protect our network for the good of all our customers by placing a bar on torrent services in general.

    I’m genuinely sorry that we’re not able to provide the service you were looking for in this case and hope that it doesn’t discourage you from using our other services in the future.

    If you have any other questions or problems with your VPS please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly, I would be happy to be of assistance.

    Kind Regards,
    Johnathan Williamson
    Customer Support Manager

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for responding, no intrusion at all. I’m glad of the response.

    I understand the motivation, but I don’t believe that the reasoning justifies the decision.

    My post was fairly inflammatory as I saw the ticket late at night after a long day and responded in the heat of the moment.

    I get that most torrent traffic is illegal. I understand that. But aside from one’s philosophical position on that type of “illegality” (I’m a pretty hard line pro-open-sourcer), I don’t believe that simply banning torrent traffic from the network is an appropriate response.

    One could argue that the SMTP (email for the non techies) protocol is predominantly used for spam. A quick search and Wikipedia estimate that 95% of all email sent is spam. It’s obviously ludicrous to block all email traffic on your network as a result.

    The fact that a protocol is largely used illegally is not a justifiable reason to block that protocol.

    I understand that simply blocking torrents is the easy approach. The tempting approach. The approach "the lawyers" might advise. But that’s not the point.

    I think on EasySpace’s behalf, it is an act of cowardice, one motivated by fear. Given that the decision restricts access to perfectly legal, perfectly valid content, I think it’s unacceptable.

    Wikipedia cites sources that estimate between 18% and 35% of all internet traffic is the bittorrent protocol. EasySpace blocks this percentage of traffic because most of it is illegal. Bad decision I think.

    If I can find an ISP that has a similarly priced offering, I will switch from EasySpace. I’ll be willing to pay a 10% – 20% premium for an ISP that does not have this policy.

    Cheers – Callum.

  3. @Callum: tut tut… you know you could’ve got that cached from me in no time. (I’m yet to see a torrent that matches the download speed from my own server).

  4. @Alex: Haha. The point wasn’t so much to get the data (there are a few very, very fast local mirrors, I was getting around 2MiB/s) but to support the swarm.

  5. ohe yes. i think that they are useless, too long on the phone plis wont help at all.
    they made so many mistakes wiuth me and had a lot of problems with my website.
    do u know how to put music on my website that i have with easyspace,

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