Full encryption is go!

This post comes to you from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, upon a fully encrpted 500GB disk. So if my laptop should fall into the wrong hands, my customers, family and friends can rest assured their data, passwords, photographs or emails are (for all practical purposes) secure.

Thus far I haven’t noticed a performance cost. The system “feels” as fast as before. I’m running a Centrino Core2 Duo 1.66GHz, 1.5GiB RAM. When moving large quantities of data (10GiB plus) I see the kcryptd process using around 25% – 50% CPU (of one core).

It really was painless to setup. Thanks to this walkthrough I was pretty confident it would be easy. No dramas. The hardest step was probably choosing a suitably random password (thanks grc).

3 thoughts on “Full encryption is go!”

  1. As one of your clients, it definitely reassures me that should your hard drive fall into the wrong hands, my passwords will be safe.

    Good to see you’re taking a no-nonsense approach to this matter.

  2. Thanks for leaving a note – I was curious if they’d start changing things for the Intrepid installer. I don’t see any slowdowns either; I guess we finally found a good purpose for that second core 🙂

    (On my new laptop I actually didn’t follow that walkthrough and instead created some unencrypted “scratch” space to do my code-compiling on (thinking that was disk intensive), but in most cases the performance difference is just about nil :))

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