Downtown LA by bus

I wouldn’t recomend it!

I caught a bus downtown to catch up with a couple of locals for dinner last night. Wow, what an experience. Now I understand why most Los Angelians drive! There is no advertised bus schedule, only a frequency. At peak times it’s every 6-10 minutes. Off-peak, every 20-60 minutes. You just gotta turn up and wait.

After dinner, I went back to where I’d gotten off the bus to find it was a one-way street, going the wrong way. So I wandered around downtown LA, alone, at midnight, looking for a bus stop. I did not feel safe. Eventually I ended up outside a dodgy looking “hostess dancing” establishment. I called my cotel asking for directions, they were little use. So I called a taxi, caught it around the block and managed to find a bus stop.

After a short 20 minutes, the bus arrived. There was a mildly dodgy looking character moving in my direction across the street, so the bus’s arrival was perfectly timed! Then just an hour long bus ride back to Venice Beach and home by at about 1am. Happy days.

Here’s a random photo of Bondi BBQ across the street from my cotel to remind me of Aus. 🙂

One thought on “Downtown LA by bus”

  1. Sounded scary, but good! Great to see snaps of LA and your good self – keep them coming. JC.

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