Cannabis shopping spree

I bought more Cannabis sativa last week that one could smoke in a lifetime! Don’t worry mum, not in dried leaf form, in the form of braintree hemp clothing. I’ve now replaced 67% of my trouser portfolio with purchases from the hemp store.

The final tally came to less than $130 AUD. I got a pair of smart(ish) pants, two great t-shirts, a red/black striped polo shirt, three pairs of socks and a free hemp oil facewash. Yay. As promised, here’s the long awaited picture of me wearing almost entirely hemp. Even my shoes are hemp!

2 thoughts on “Cannabis shopping spree”

  1. I bought a hemp/cotton mix t-shirt from THTC and although it wasn’t cheap, it’s not lasted very well – lost its shape pretty quickly. Will be interesting to hear how yours fare.

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