Mexican Madness

A few snaps that have been building up on my cameras over the last few weeks, in no particular order.

Mexico City Subway

The Mexico City subway costs only 2 pesos (15c USD / 10p GBP). It’s subsidised by the government I’m told. So at peak times, it gets just a little crowded!

Cramming on the subway

Here’s a couple of videos to fully convey the madness…

Mexico City Taxi

The classic beetle taxi…

Beetle taxis

Lucha Libre

Mexico has something similar to WWE in the form of Lucha Libre. It’s equally as ridiculous and apparently ferociously popular. I was (un)lucky enough to see some up close in Mexico City.

It turned out to be a publicity stunt to raise awareness for…

Yep, condoms!

I think it may have inspired my travelling companion as a few hours later a small fortune was spent upon the acquisition of his very own El Santo silver mask!

Masked warrior


My flatmates made sushi, how awesome!

Flatmates make sushi

We ate sushi. 🙂

Flatmates eat sushi

Then Lluis was cooking an octopus, although I didn’t actually see it being eaten!

Flatmates cooking octopus

Tacos are hard to beat on your way home at 4am!

Latenight tacos

Finally, I couldn’t resist breakfast in a cup of these proportions.

Breakfast in a cup

Mexican Toilets

I was struck by two scenes in Mexican toilets. The first was in a mall toilet.

Mexican toilet sinks

This second shot was on my phone so the quality is pretty poor. The green circles are slices of lime placed at the bottom of the urinal. Very eye catching I thought!

Mexican urinals

Mexican Wedding Afterparty

One last picture to conclude this session. This was taken in a nightclub at about 4am after a Mexican wedding.

Mexican wedding after party

I’ll try to publish photos a little more frequently in smaller batches.

3 thoughts on “Mexican Madness”

  1. Awesome post – Mexican subway is very similar to the Central Line here in London. Is it really only 10p for a ticket? How can TfL get away with paying 15x that price? bah!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, it really costs 10p. We ended up with 2 extra tickets on our trip. Needless to say, we didn’t lose much sleep over the cost! 🙂

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