I’m applying, are you?

I have written my application for Seth Godin’s alternative MBA program. Are you going to apply? This is a game changing opportunity, I’d warmly encourage you to consider it. The deadline is the 14th of December, so there’s still a little time (at the time of writing!).

I’d like to ask for your help. There is a section at the top of my application called Friends and Family. I’d love your input there. If you think I’d be right for the program, or not. Please be radically honest, say exactly what you think. I will leave all comments un-edited (I may delete obvious spam).

I’ve emailed my nearest and dearest, I hope some of them will be able to help.

Seriously, think about applying for this program. Where will you be in 6 months time? Significantly forward from here? If not, this could be a wonderful opportunity. The higher the calibre of people on the program the better. 🙂

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