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Satellite versus roaming

Satellite broadband runs about $5-$7 USD per Mb. It seems expensive. I thought I’d compare that to global roaming charges. Vodafone NZ charge $10 – $30 per Mb depending on the region!

At these kind of prices, it looks like I’ll be staying in major metropolitan areas with wifi for the next few months. I was dreaming of getting a satellite phone and a camper van (or a motorbike) and taking off into the wild!

If I want to be uber-available, I might consider a pre-paid satellite sim card ($500!) valid for 6 months. Paired with a satellite handset, I could potentially be “permanently connected”. Food for thought.


Mobiles NZ at 2008-12-26 23:18:31

Does WIFI work in these situations, or perhaps borrow someone else's phone to make calls haha.

Callum at 2008-12-17 13:48:04

I'm not actually in NZ, I'll be using the system in Central / South America. The Vodafone NZ pricing came up first in my search for vodafone roaming charges! :)

Dankoozy at 2008-12-17 13:44:57

a 500 sim should be good for a whole year. a shame NZ is just outside the thuraya coverage area. does BGAN even work there?