Guatemalan photo catch up

Catching up on a few unposted photos. I’ll start vaguely in chronological order…

Caught a Chivas football game in Guadalajara. They are the only team in Mexico to have a team of only Mexican players. The game was interesting, 3-3 the final score. The crowd went absolutely nutso!

Sam and I stayed on Lake Atitlan in San Marcos for a couple of nights. This was the view from our bungalow on the first night.

View over Lake Atitlan

This morning we rose at 5:25am to catch the sunrise over the mangroves. Hard work this travelling lark!

Here’s a couple of shots of other tourists on another boat.

Boat silhouette standing

Boat silhouette moving

Our captain, tour guide and local connection, Sender, seen here standing majestically at the helm of his vessel.

Our boat and captain

The volcanoes around Lake Atitlan were visible in the distance.

Volcanoes in the distance

We stopped for a look inside the mangroves.

Touring the mangroves

Then back into our merry craft.

Back onto the boat

There were lots of local fishermen out at sunrise.

Local fishermen

We got back to the hotel and ran into our friend Felix, wearing only a towel and carrying a one-eyed parrot!

Felix and the one eyed parrot

Then over breakfast I heard a strange sounding “Hola” from behind the next table. Turned out there was a chatty little parrot in town!

That concludes this edition of MacNews. Check back soon for more exciting action! 🙂

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