Unsubscribing from AirAsia

I cannot unsubscribe from AirAsia’s email newsletter. They say email unsubscribe@fly.airasia.com to be removed from the mailing list. That email address is dead. Likewise unsubscribe@airasia.com is also dead.

I’ve tried contacting their customer support department, nothing.

AirAsia’s emails appear to be handled by dartmail.net. Whois shows that this domain is owned by Google. The first result in a scroogle search for dartmail is a service from ClickZ / Double Click.

All in all, I’m feeling some frustration. If it comes to it, I can simply block all email from AirAsia, but that would mean I cannot fly with them. Not ideal. Does anyone out there have a suggestion or solution?

Update at 15 Jan 2009: ccd5 said the unsubscribe address now works, I tried again and it worked for me.

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  1. Insanely annoying…i’ve got the same problem! Have you tried logging into your account to see if you can uncheck something…somewhere?

  2. The most relevant question I can find in my online “profile” is “Are you a subscriber of RedAlert?”. Unfortunately, clicking No does not stop the messages. The other pages appear to be a survey of questions, nothing to do with preferences.

    Choosing Yes doesn’t offer the option to unsubscribe either. I think my next step will be to call them. Grr.

  3. @Alex: I can’t find an abuse address for AirAsia. Interesting chain of thought though.

    I looked at the headers of the email and discovered it originated from the domain epidm.net. That domain redirects to https with a certificate that’s only valid on login.ddc.dartmail.net, a site which does not exist. I contacted the dns admin for epidm.net, hopefully something will come of it.

  4. Woot, having the same problem one year later.. 🙂
    did you solve in any way? If so, please let me know, thanks in advance!
    Damn them.

    1. No luck so far. I’ll probably get tired and eventually block the email address I gave them. Please let me know if you find a way to unsubscribe. 🙂

      1. I sent them an email through a form on their website, but they didnt answer yet, and i doubt they will ever do…
        Probably going to block them…

  5. Done!

    I emailed unsubscribe@fly.airasia.com 10 mins ago and I got a reply right away from”AirAsia” saying that my request had been granted.

    Thanks for giving me that address Callum. I was struggling to even find that!

    Good luck.

    1. Wow, it works. I just unsubscribed. Thanks for telling me, I’d given up on that address. Back when I checked, the domain wasn’t even live. Beautiful, no more AirAsia spam. 🙂

  6. Why dont you just ignore their emails and move them to spam folder using filter in your inbox.. You can do it via setting in yahoo.. I dont have any idea about other mailbox provider..

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    1. I can do that, I can do all sorts of clever filtering and processing on my end. But that’s not the point. I’d like AirAsia to respect my desire not to receive their promotional emails. I suppose if I’m in that part of the world I’ll have to decide whether I want to spend money with a business that operates in this manner. I’d like to say no, but if they’re significantly cheaper than others, I might say yes.

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