A sad day for Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington is the main entrepreneur and journalist behind TechCrunch. According to Technorati, TechCrunch is the second most popular blog on the internet. TechCrunch covers technology startup news, specifically silicon valley, web based type stuff (as far as I know, I’m not a regular reader).

Michael posted some sad news yesterday. He is taking a break after being spat on at a European conference. He also said that he had received death threats and hired private security personnel to protect his family and employees.

As I understand it, Michael is a very public figure. He’s one of the best known web celebrities, whatever that means. As with all famous people, there comes a downside to that fame. While the likes of Mark Zuckerberg (24 year old, paper billionaire, Facebook founder) or Matt Mullenweg (25 year old, paper millionaire, Automattic / WordPress founder) keep a low profile, Arrington is the opposite. He’s been prolific in getting his name known, and very successful.

It’s a shame that fame is accompanied with such a downside. I’m sure most major actors have experienced similar issues to Arrington. Personally, I take this as a stark reminder that popularity has a cost. It reminds me that while fame may seem appealing, personally, I don’t think the benefit is worth the cost.

I hope Michael Arrington and his family are safe, and I hope he’s able to deal with these challenges and grow as a result. Good luck Michael.

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