12 hours in Guatemala City

I’ve already spent 3 nights in Guatemala City. This afternoon, for the first time, I ventured into the city itself, leaving the safe confines of my hostel. Nataly very kindly volunteered to be my guide for the afternoon. She picked me up at the airport (5 minutes walk from the hostel) and we set off for the city. Our first stop was the central market for food. A piece of chicken in soup with rice. It was pretty good.

Chicken soup with rice

Here’s Nataly.


Then we hit the central square.

Guatemala city central square

Guatemala city pigeons

Everything can be purchased on the streets of Guatemala City!

Everything can be purchased on the street

Guatemalan street stall

Then Nataly took me way up to a great little cafe overlooking the whole city. The view was tremendous, this picture does it little justice.

View overlooking Guatemala City

Not as many as Thailand or Vietnam, but there are lots of motorbikes on the roads of Guatemala.

Lots of motorbikes

It seems that bus seats are at something of a premium during peak times in Guatemala City. These poor chaps couldn’t even find standing room on the bus, it was holding on only room!

People hanging onto the bus

We went to a Taco restaurant for dinner. They have solved the problem of trying to catch the waiter’s eye. The table top menu display includes three buttons. I believe one summons the waiter, one requests the bill, and the third cancels the last request. I’ve thought this would be a great idea, but never seen it before today. Absolutely fantastic!

Tabletop waiter buttonstoil

The toilet in the restaurant had me a little confused. I went to wash my hands but I couldn’t find the sink. Then I realised, this was not a table or a display, it’s a sink! [I turned the tap on for the photo, it was off when I was looking for the sink!]

Clandestine sink

Then we hit a rather trendy electronic music bar called The Box. Two girls, two jackets, two giant bags and two beers were take into the toilet. Why these two girls were visiting the toilet so frequently, and together, I will leave up to your imagination. The shorter of the two, Gabby, asked me if Chrissy was my girlfriend. After clearing that up, she asked me to dance. I was quite flattered. Here’s Chrissy and Gabby bonding!

Chrissy meets Gabby

From Guatemala’s well dressed beautiful people (aka pretentious) we relocated to the bohemian side of town. Cien Puertas (100 doors I think) is a wonderful pedestrian space flanked by 6 different bars. There were quite a few quirkily interesting characters. The black and white witches summed up the group most easiliy in a single photograph I decided.

Black and white witches

The artist's courtyard

While waiting for the toilet to become vacant I spotted this notice. Israel / Palestine politics are an issue even in Guatemala.

Israel Palestine politics

When I made it into the toilet I snapped a shot of this graffitii for the sole reason that it was signed Sam, which made me think of Sam! [Anyone know what it says?]

Graffiti by Sam

Talking of Sam, it has been decided, I’m going to New York. While the exact timing of my arrival is still being somewhat debated, I am going. Next week I’ll be in Costa Rica, the following week in California with a client, and then onwards to New York.

Thanks to Nataly and Chrissy for an awesome afternoon and evening in Guatemala City. I feel like I saw more of Guatemala in these 12 hours than in my previous 11 days in the country. Guatemala City seems like both a dangerous yet colourfully vibrant city. The upscale side no longer holds much appeal to me, but the bohemian atmosphere, if a little hedonistic, does seem like fun.

8 thoughts on “12 hours in Guatemala City”

  1. Hey….your commentaries are amazing…i am from Guatemala and every day i miss everything….

  2. nice! i’m from guatemala and its cool that you went there because i don’t remember really much of it but i like that you went there. There you ask what it sayed in one of the pictures and this is what it say “stop the genocidio in palestina”.

  3. i would love to be in guatemala, i was born in there, i miss all my firends my family everyone. guatemala is one of the most beautiful places. people go visit it you will enjoy it.

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