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On my recent flight from Guatemala City to San Jose, Costa Rica I was given seat 3d. When I got onto the plane, there were three rows of business class seats. Surely not I thought to myself. But oh yes, I was sitting in a big, comfy, business class seat. I paid for a regular seat and there were empty seats behind me on the plane. There were also empty seats either side of me in business class.

I’m not quite sure how or why I got upgraded, but I’m grateful all the same. I didn’t sleep well the night before so I was a little less than my usually happy self at the checkin desk. Maybe the girl thought I needed a little present. 🙂

The meal on the plane was fantastic. I had to snap a quick photo to show you. A real fabric tablecloth, a real cloth napkin, proper metal cutlery. Wow.

TACA business class food

I’ll fly Taca again if they’re competitively priced.

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  1. Hay the same thing happened to when we were in our summer trip we stayed at El Salvador for two weeks and when we went to the airport to head for Belize we got unsuspectingly uprated at the checkin desk, for no apparent reason :). In which we did not expect that till we got to in the plane and the flight attendant showed us our seats (which were the business class). Sadly for two of my uncles who joined us in our trip when they were connecting to the same flight we were in, they had to sit in the almost very back.

  2. Hi, I use to work for taca and usually upgrades are given to passengers for several reasons: for space to avoid overbooking, because the type of class a passenger has purchased applies for upgrade or the amount of miles you have flown automatically provide you and upgrade before arriving to the ticket counter without taking away any miles. Regardless of the situation, I am glad you had a great experience with a leading airline that many people are just starting to find about even though it has been around for more than 75 years.

  3. I ve just recive a e mail from Taca that my ticket has been upgrade ,as well i will fly from Miami to Sao Paulo on monday in a Business Class!!!
    Im soooooo lucky!!!

    Tks Taca I will keep flying with you!!!

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