Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Yesterday I finally left San Jose, after 3 days and 3 nights. I saw almost nothing of San Jose in those 3 days. It was a good time to move on.

Five of us caught the bus to Puerto Viejo. We’re staying at Rocking J’s, a hammock hostel. We each have our own tent complete with mattress, under cover of a roof, for $6 a night. Wireless is $2 for 7 days. These are the kind of prices I can work with. 🙂

As I write this, I’m sitting in a rocking chair looking out over the garden. The ocean is just 20m to my right while the rain falls orchestrally on the tin roof overhead.

Timing worked well this morning. I woke up startled at 6am. Deciding to make the most of the day, I strolled over to the beach. After a brief explore I settled down to meditate on the sea shore. This morning I decided to meditate untimed, without a clock. Just as I finished my meditation, the rain started falling softly. Once I was back under covers the skies burst into a percussive downpour upon the roof. Splendid.

Here’s the spot where I’m sitting, having turned a rocking chair to face to the left of this picture.

My spot in the rocking chair

If I look slightly to my right, this is my view:

Looking out over the garden

Meanwhile the sound of early morning backpacker conversation floats up from the tables underneath me. It must be time for breakfast soon…

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