Hotel home cooking

I took advantage of the kitchen in my hotel room tonight. I fryed the chicken in a little water as I didn’t have any oil. Then I constructed a makeshift steamer from a plate placed on top of a bowl in a large pot!

My meal of lightly steamed organic vegetables, steamed / fried organic chicken and organic side salad was most delicious.

Hotel home cooking

Yesterday I was delighted to discover that the hotel has laundry facilities. I was able to wash my clothes and then hang them up to dry without using the tumble dryer. Without a washing line I had to improvise a little…

Improvised washing line

I’m pretty impressed with Chase Suites thus far. Breakfast is served on disposable, styrofoam plates with plastic cutlery, which is a real shame. There’s wired internet but no wifi in the rooms. Could be seen as a benefit or not. Personally, I’ve borrowed a wireless router so I’m wirefree. 🙂 The suite itself is huge. I have a separate bedroom and living / dining room, full kitchen, two flat screen TVs, sofa, and a gigantic bed!

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