My Manhattan office

I went to the New York OpenCoffee meeting this morning. I’ve been to a few OpenCoffee’s around the world and I like the events. They normally give me a quick flavour of the tech scene in a place. The meetings in Cape Town are really buzzing for example.

This morning’s meeting opened with a series of introductions, each person introduced themselves in that usual “My name is blah and my company is called blah and I blah blah blah”. I was looking for a place to work for the day so I literally jumped from my seat when my turn came. I sprang into life, delivered an energetic good morning, explained my name was Callum, I’m from Scotland, and I was looking for a desk for the day.

The charming, generous and downright handsome Ashley J. Heather was a couple of intros before me. English accent, runs a tech incubator. Perfect I thought. He agreed. Bingo, I had scored an office for the day. So this post comes to you from the office space of dotbox. Thanks Ashley. šŸ™‚

Here’s a completely unrelated, creative commons licenced picture of a totally different type of dotbox for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. Im trying to contact Ashley Heather and find out more about his incubator. Im an english entrepreneur in new york and i keep hearing Ashley will be interested in what were doing, maybe you can connect me or send me an email url or pass on mine?


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