A trip to Lawrence, Kansas

We caught a train from Chicago, Illinois to Lawrence, Kansas. I didn’t realise just how big Amtrak trains are. They’re huge, double decked beasts.

Amtrak trains are huge

We spotted windmills in middle America from the train.

Windmills in middle America

I spotted a great photo opportunity as the train snaked right in front of the setting sun. Alas, my camera wasn’t there in time, I missed it. Here’s the sunset from the other side of the train as we turned.

Sunset from the train

Erika’s step-brother Rob very kindly met us at the train station at half past midnight. We stayed with him in Lawrence. Thanks Rob. There was snow in Lawrence when we arrived.

Snow on the sofa

Inside Rob’s house we were greeted by the largest television I have ever seen. This thing is huge!

The biggest television I have ever seen

Rob’s friend Sean (aka Cletus L Bigsby) very kindly drove us to Wells Overlook. Thanks Sean. The sky was particularly striking.

Striking sky

From the top of the tower we were able to look out over big flat Kansas.

Big flat Kansas

I don’t want to mislead you though, Kansas is not entirely flat.

More big not quite so flat Kansas

Here’s the back of Erika’s head set against the striking sky.

Erika and the sky

We were duly warned, although we only noticed when leaving the park, that vandals will be prostituted!

Vandals will be prostituted

After the lookout and a tour of Lawrence we hit the local grocery store. Literally, a local store. Many products listed the precise distance they had travelled to reach the store. The organic selection was wonderful. There were some very green bananas.

Very green bananas

There were also some not quite so red bananas. I was impressed by the selection of multi-coloured bananas!

Not so read bananas

This final shot I took this evening while walking home.

Lawrence streets by night

That concludes this latest installment of pictures from the road. I’ll soon be in Arizona learning to ride a motorcycle which will signal the next major chapter in my nomadic adventures. Pictures to follow…

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